Mississauga, Ontario’s Bradley Museum is a historic site that has been turned into a museum. Situated on the grounds of the Benares Historic House, it has displays and artifacts connected to the region’s history, including the original 1816 homestead of the Bradly family, who were among the first settlers in the area. The museum also features a collection of artifacts from the First Nations people who lived in the region prior to European settlement. The museum serves as an important educational resource for the community, providing visitors with a glimpse into the region’s past and the lives of its early residents. It also provides a unique opportunity to explore the history of the area and gain a deeper understanding of the cultural heritage of the region. The Museum consists of four areas that can be exhibited during your duration here, The Bradley House, The Anchorage, The Outbuildings, and The Log Cabin. Lewis Bradley’s wife sold the house when he died in 1846. The home and surrounding grounds were bought by the British American Oil company, known as Suncor, after various owners. It was scheduled for demolition in 1959 when Kenneth G. Armstrong, a local newspaper owner, acquired it and handed it to the Mississauga Heritage foundation in early 1961. The house was moved farther north on the site in the mid 1960s, and fundraising and restoration of the home began with a team of volunteers and community organizers.

The Bradley museum grounds include the original saltbox style farmhouse built in 1830 by Lewis and Elizabeth Bradley. 


Image by Brook Tyler

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