Chris Hadfield was born August 29th, 1959 in Milton, Ontario. He graduated from the Royal Military College in Kingston, Ontario with a bachelors in Mechanical Engineering with honours. In 1992 Hadfield became an Astronaut for Nasa and in 1995 partook in a mission to dock with the Space station Mir. Hadfield became the first Canadian astronaut to operate the Canadarm in space and the only Canadian to ever board the Mir. Due to Chris Hadfield’s accomplishments his hometown decided to commemorate a public school in his name. Chris Hadfield Public School opened in September of 2003, but its official opening day was held on January 16th 2004 with Colonel Hadfield in attendance as the guest of honour. Today, Chris Hadfield public school has a population of 836 students from grades JK to grade 8 with 74 members of teaching staff led by Principal Katherine McArthur and Superintendent Dean Barnes. The school is most known for its modern teaching practices. Like taking part in a program called “Taking Action in the Greenbelt” alongside Ecoschools Canada and The Greenbelt Foundation to teach youths the importance of biodiversity. The students also take part in hands on activities of planting native plants on the school property.

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