Hello everyone,

In this blog post, I am going to talk about Guelph Market Square. It was established in 1800 in Guelph’s downtown market district. This place has a beautiful history as it was redesigned in 2007 but still has contemporary renovations of the original market square.  The City chose to establish a unique community meeting spot in front of the new City Hall structure. It was created so that people can wander around or relax anywhere between Wilson Street and Wyndham Street because the square fills the full area between City Hall and the stores and restaurants on Carden Street. It provides a spacious venue for civic and cultural events, daily shopping, and dining, and establishes a distinctive civic square for flexible usage and enjoyment throughout the year. Entire renovation of Carden Street as part of the square, including the installation of subsurface utilities. Janet Rosenberg and associates a firm of landscape designers are hired by the city to create the area. While renovating, he makes sure that market square did not leave its originality and history as well. In this blog post, I can share that much. I hope you guys enjoy it. Thank you for your time


Reference-  https://guelph.ca/living/arts-and-culture/market-square-2/story-behind-the-square/\


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