Casa Loma was built from 1911-1914 by a man known as Sir Henry Mill Pellatt. Sir Henry was a wealthy man who worked in the world of finance, and had the idea to build a castle as his main residence in the heart of Toronto. It was the largest house built in all of Canada, with over 98 rooms in total. He was known to be a man of luxury, who was always travelling and a major influence in the financial world. He was also known for his major philanthropy contributions. However, his fortunes started to decline and Sir Henry had to declare bankruptcy and give up the castle in 1923. It was then used as a hotel, and then shortly after a military hospital throughout the duration of The Second World War. The property was then acquired by the City of Toronto in 1937, who then used it as a tourist attraction, as well as a museum. It is now one of the most significant tourist attractions in Toronto, with over 300 000 people touring the castle every year.

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