Locomotive 6167 is one of the original 203 Locomotives used by the Canadian National Railways (CN). Built in 1940, this locomotive was one of the earliest ways for cargo and passengers to travel throughout Canada. Locomotives like 6167 were a shuttle service during the Second World War for troops and supplies towards Eastern Canada. These machines were powerful and railways were the backbone of fright service during World War 2. It has a few claims to fame, as the most photographed locomotive in Canada, as well as its involvement with a deadly locomotive collision. In 1943, locomotive 6167 collided with locomotive 6166, which resulted in 3 deaths and multiple injurys. Despite extensive damage, the need for locomotives was too critical to retire it. 

Its permanent home is in John Galt Park, recently moved. It stands as a place of reflection for the building of modern day Canada. It found its home in Guelph in honour of Canada’s centennial in 1967 and is now in possession of the Guelph Museums collection.

Locomotive 6167 in downtown Guelph Ontario


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