Canadian Veterans Memorial by Timothy P. Scmaltz — Image Source:


Across the street from Wilfrid Laurier University, on University Avenue, stands a simple sculpture. Every day, thousands of pedestrians and students walk past this statue, rarely ever giving its presence a second thought or glance. However, it is the one who decides to fulfill a curiosity, maybe it is yourself, who will find an intricate, well-thought-out, and simply stunning portrayal and monument to Canadian veterans.


In 2006, Waterloo region local, Timothy Schmalz sought to erect a monument that would display an all-encompassing portrayal of Canadian veterans. Airmen, nurses, engineers, and soldiers across every Canadian war to date, form a growing line that culminates into a single figure, a veteran in a wheelchair with a poppy in his hand. The piece does not glorify war, nor does it present a limited view of those who are involved. It instead demonstrates that many, even the young, are dragged into the conflict, and regardless of the sought for glory and promise of adventure, a single fate of sorrow and loss awaits.

A close-up of the injured veteran presenting a poppy. — Image Source:


However, the monument is much more than simply another reminder of the horrors of war, but is a form of immortalization of the fallen of Waterloo as well. In 2005, Schmalz requested aid from the community in the creation of the sculpture. This aid came in the form of over 1000 photos of Waterloo region veterans. With this, the sculpture becomes more than a monument to the fallen, but a monument to our fallen, and, therefore, a worthy pilgrimage site for any resident of the Waterloo region.

Timothy P. Schmalz standing next to an early rendition of his sculpture. — Image Source:

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