Stanley barracks is a building located in Toronto, Ontario on the shoreline of the Lake Ontario shore. It was built between 1840 – 1842, it was built as a military base replacing the previous base which was called the fort York. This building is made up of limestone rather than wood. A wall was to be made around the base but was never constructed. The barracks were used by the British military until the year 1870 and later on used by the Canadian forces to train troops for wars such as World War 1 and World War 2. One of the first north west mounted police regiments was trained there. This base was no longer used by the Canadian military after World War 2. The original site has not been the same as only the officers’ quarters building remain in today’s date.

Stanley barracks aka. new fort York was made by the British and changed hands as it was taken over by the Canadian forces as Canada was declared independent and Canadian union was formed. now it comes under the administration of city of Toronto.

The Royal Canadian Dragoons can be seen marching out of the fort.

View of fort and Ex buildings in 1931

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