A white pyramid shaped lighthouse on a concrete pier surrounded by water
West Breakwater Lighthouse in Port Stanley, Ontario. Photo taken by Corey Seeman.

The west breakwater lighthouse in Port Stanley was established in 1909 by F.R. Miller, who was commissioned to build a concrete tower that would mark the end of the L-shaped breakwater. It was later finished in 1911, where its unique pyramid shape and overall secureness would help protect the parallel piers from intense waters. One of these piers also houses the cylindrical east breakwater lighthouse.

The east breakwater lighthouse was initially established in 1844, 12 years after the harbour was built in Port Stanley. However, the growing commercial activity on Lake Erie during this period made a second lighthouse in Port Stanley necessary. By having two established lighthouses in the harbour, the shipping activities and fishing industries were both able to grow as a result.

In 1913, a diaphone was added to the east breakwater lighthouse for periods of low visibility. This fog alarm would sound like a two-second blast every fifteen seconds. Furthermore, in 1934 the white light that came from the lighthouse was changed to green as other lights from shore had been established to guide the entrance to the marina.

The lighthouse was designated under the Heritage Lighthouse Protection Act in 2016, which would follow 1 year after the refurbishment of the west breakwater pier. The overall restoration of the lighthouse and pier has significantly contributed to tourism in Port Stanley. It stands today not only as a symbol to the community, but it acts as a great reminder of Port Stanley’s maritime history.

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