Once known as the railway city, St Thomas has long since moved past this name as Canada also moved past the widespread use of trains as the main form of transportation. The Elgin County railway museum stands still as a modern day reminder as to the former presence trains would have in St Thomas.

Built in 1913 originally as a repair shop known as the “Michigan central railroad repair shops” to be used by those coming in and out of the city it was eventually converted into a functioning museum and archive for all things related to the St Thomas and surrounding areas railways in 1988. In the modern day the museum hosts many different train cars and remains a valuable source of information for those in the area to learn more about the past of the city as well as different pieces of information that would have been valuable during a time where the city was deep in the locomotive travel industry The railway museum is an extremely active member of the Elgin community even today, hosting many events with one of the most popular ones being the day out with Thomas every few summers, this event helps to bring the community together and is used as a teaching tool by the railway museum to reach out to younger generations.

The railway museum from behind.

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