The church of Our Lady is a place in Guelph that has great meaning and history behind it. This church was dedicated as the national historic site in the year of 1990 because of its design, being very unique and having a special design in a particular location. In 1827, this specific church was founded by John Galt at the highest point in the new city as the location for this catholic church. There had been about three different churches that were once built on this site, the first one had sadly burned down, the second one was outgrown, and the third one is the Basilica of Our Lady Immaculate. This church had a very gothic style to it that had taken about 50 years to design and build. The church was once renowned by Joseph Connolly, and was designed in the style of Cologne Cathedral. The construction of this building had started in 1876, and later on in 1866 was devoted as the Church of Our Lady. In 1926 the church was finally completed and ready for use. Today, the design of the church looks a lot different from they way it looked in 1926. Zoning laws in Guelph prevent other buildings and architectures from being a higher rise then this church, which means it can be seen from several areas in the city.

The Church of Our Lady during the day, showing it's gothic style after it has been built and fully completed.
The city of Guelph’s Historic Church “Our Lady Immaculate”


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