(The former Galt Post Office in downtown Cambridge, Ontario. It is a two and a half story building made of stone. It was designed with a mix of architectural types; including Gothic, Roman, and Second Empire.)

The former Galt Post Office has been an integral part of downtown Cambridge since it was built between 1884 and 1887. This building, with its Gothic and Romanesque architectural design, is a local attraction and centrepiece for this community. It was originally designed by Dominion Chief Architect Thomas Fuller and built by contractor M.A. Piggott. It was built as part of a national initiative to create a larger government presence in smaller communities across Canada. This building functioned as a government post office and also provided other government-based services. In 1982, it was officially recognized as a National Historic Site, which led in 2012, to the City of Cambridge buying the building. Nowadays, this picturesque building in downtown Galt functions as part of the local public library. 

The Old Post Office is important to the history of Galt and the city of Cambridge as a whole. It is a piece of history that reminds us about how the government of Canada wanted to demonstrate a unified front and show that Canada was one united country. It shows the importance historical buildings, monuments, and everyday pieces of history can have on a community. Something that members of a community can overlook or take for granted. This Post Office holds history, not only, about Cambridge and Galt but also the history behind government actions. It demonstrates some of the steps taken to help Canadians craft a sense of national pride. 

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