Your Local Little Library

Little Free Libraries can be seen all over Guelph as a way for the community to interact with each other through their shared love of literature. By taking a book and leaving one in return, little libraries run through community engagement. 

The first Little Free Library was built in 2009 by Todd H. Bol as a tribute to his mother who had passed. Today many Little libraries are used to remember or honour a loved one as well as a special person in one’s life, or out of interest. This library pictured above can be found in the south end of Guelph at the end of this home owners lawn. Although it is unsure when the library was built the current homeowners have maintain the library for about 10 years. Through their ownership, the little library has grown through donated and discarded books, as well as books exchanged from community members. There are no original bucks left in the library demonstrating how active this little library is.

The organization running Little Free Libraries continue to grow their expansion in over 91 countries across the globe and all libraries associated with this organization we’ll have a little charter sign at the bottom of the case so they can be tracked, supported, and celebrated for their efforts. There are currently over 60 libraries that can be found in Guelph. 

Little libraries are a great way for community members to share their favourite works of literature, and learn from others peoples interests.,Todd%20H.,special%20person%20in%20their%20lives.

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