aged stone grave with light grey pillar on top surrounded by other gravestones
Gravestone of Maggie Pollock in Blyth Union Cemetery by author of post

Maggie Pollock, also known as the Seeress of Blyth, was born on May 11th, 1879 in Morris Township. She reportedly possessed a unique occult gift that she used to help neighbours locate lost or stolen items and property. This “gift” would gain her a province-wide reputation, with many Huron County residents lining up to tell her their troubles and secrets. 

On June 30th, 1919, Maggie was charged under the law at the Huron County Gaol for “telling fortunes”, which was considered illegal under section 365 of the Canadian Criminal Code. Although the court believed her abilities were linked to witchcraft and the occult, she insisted that they were completely natural. She never guaranteed results, but instead promised to do the best she could to help. Maggie claimed her insights were a God-given gift. 

A witness spoke on Maggie’s behalf in the trial, claiming that a valuable ring from her deceased mother was missing. After a seance with Maggie, she stated that her mother’s spirit told Maggie that the ring was under the snow and would be found in the spring. On October 13th, 1920, the judge admonished her and demanded that she cease the practice of her occult science.

Regardless of her verdict, Maggie was able to continue to help others with her gift, even receiving visitors as far as Texas, Florida, California, and Vancouver. Local police also asked her to help them locate missing bodies. Maggie died on August 26th, 1931 but her legacy remains in the community. 

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