The “Group of Seven” is an interesting part of Ontario history that all Canadians should be aware of. This group of painters formed in the early 20th century and was influential in defining Canadian art and culture. A group of Canadian painters, including Lawren Harris, Tom Thomson, and J.E.H Macdonald, formed the “Group of Seven” in 1920. The Canadian landscape inspired these painters, who strived to portray its spirit through their work. They were recognized for using bright colours and expressive brushstrokes to represent the beauty of the Canadian environment.  The art portrayed from the Group of Seven was a shift from the conventional European style that dominated Canadian art at the time, and it contributed to the formation of a distinct Canadian identity. These paintings honoured the special beauty of the Canadian countryside and encouraged Canadians to value and protect the natural world. Today, the Group of Seven is appreciated throughout Canada and has become iconic aspect of Canadian culture. Their works are valued for their brilliance as well as the insights into Canadian history and society. We can develop a greater appreciation for the beauty of the Canadian environment and the necessity of conserving it for the future generations by learning about the Group of Seven and their contributions to Canadian art and culture. Their history reminds us of Canada’s distinct character and spirit and urges us to enjoy and treasure our rich cultural heritage.

From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository

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