Black sculpture of a reclining figure surrounded by green grass in the sculpture park. Sculpture park in front of street with buildings and surrounded by trees.
‘Reclining Man’ sculpture in Guelph’s Sculpture Park, in front of the the Art Gallery of Guelph Building.

Located at the Art Gallery of Guelph lies the largest Sculpture Park at a public gallery in Canada. The Donald Forster Sculpture Park now features over 40 uniques artworks crafted by prized Canadian and international artists, scattered across two-and-a-half acres of land alongside the Art Gallery of Guelph. This park was first developed in 1983 to act as a space for both permanent and temporary large-scale artworks to be displayed, as well as to provide the community with an outdoor creative and imaginative space conduct art lessons or walk and appreciate local art. These sculptures provide a lens into Guelph’s collective appreciation for art and embody physical pieces of history that display the community’s value for art and artist representation.

The newest installment being Maada’oonidwag (Coming together) by artist KC Adams, a celebrative reconstruction of ancient Indigenous ceramic vessels. Artist KC Adams, who is Anishinaabe, Nêhiyaw, and British, crafted this piece for the Sculpture Park as a testament of how Indigenous history and memory is anchored in Canadian history, as archeological evidence consistently illuminates Indigenous presence, culture, and trade across communities today.

The park is open daily from dawn until dusk, encouraging visitors to walk the grounds to observe and appreciate the grand sculptures. Even offering an interactive scavenger hunt for children.

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