The Albion in downtown Guelph. Cardboard and 'for lease' signs line the windows.
The Albion in Guelph Ontario, taken by Mark Pare July for “Guelph Today”

The Albion was a staple in Guelph as a fine bar and restaurant for many years. Sitting at the bottom steps from the Basilica in town, the pub has been around for more than 150 years. Originally starting as a tavern in 1856, and then was dubbed the Ablion in 1867 and has stuck with the name for the last century and a half. 

During its time, the Albion has also acquired more than a few different stories. Some of the most well known happens to involve Al Capone, the American gangster also known as “Scarface”, who happened to visit Guelph and the Albion from time to time. Another when a woman who was found dead inside the establishment. Some say that the building is haunted by ghosts as well, who it could be however is something that is only speculated along with why.

Unfortunately, the bar has been closed since the beginning of 2020 when the pandemic was in full swing. While it was bought out by a business man shortly before closures began, it seems that his pockets were not deep enough to return the bar to its pre-Covid state. Currently, the windows are boarded up and for lease signs line the side of the building. It’s difficult to say whether or not the next owner will be able to restore the site, but hopefully sometime soon the bar will be reopened again.

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