A reddish brown brick rectangular building with many windows, next to decaying railroad tracks
CASO Station in St. Thomas Ontario.

The Canada Southern Station (CASO Station) is located in downtown St. Thomas, Ontario, and was constructed between June 1871 and April 1873. The construction of this station began in anticipation of the new Canada Southern Railway (CASO or CSR) line that would pass through St. Thomas.

In total, 31 railway stations were built throughout Ontario during the 1870s with the St. Thomas location being the largest. While St. Thomas was not very large at the time, (only becoming a city in 1882) the large building was required in order to accommodate both the passenger station on the ground floor and the corporate headquarters of CSR on the second floor.

Along with the corporate headquarters came the new railway line that extended across Southwestern Ontario. These lines were important as they provided the most efficient routes between Michigan and New York State. However, in 1874 the Canada Southern Railway Company declared bankruptcy which resulted in various owners coming into possession.

As passenger traffic ended on January 31, 1979, freight traffic ended sometime in the 1980s. This would result in the gradual decline of the buildings’ use and would eventually shut down. In 2005, the building was taken over by the North American Railway Hall of Fame and has since been restored as a venue for weddings and other special events.

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