A beautiful angle taken during the breezy summers of Ontario.
West Montrose Covered Bridge, located in Leyton Park, West Montrose Ontario – Image Source: https://www.tripadvisor.ca/ShowUserReviews-g181736-d4103742-r519088349-West_Montrose_Covered_Bridge_Kissing_Bridge-Waterloo_Region_of_Waterloo_Ontario.html

Love is a simple touch of History

West Montrose Covered Bridge (Kissing Bridge) is positioned along Leyton Park, West Montrose in Ontario, and within the Waterloo region. It is believed that it is among the primogenital protected bridges in the country, built between 1880-1881. The place creates a fantastic scene for travellers and those visiting for reasons like a picnic. Although the bridge is shared by cars and pedestrians, traffic is infrequent; hence, hanging around and having fun is no issue. It is essential to note that the bridge is surrounded mainly by private property. Walking around the area is impressive and a good spot, depending on the weather and how well it is covered with either grass or snow. It is an excellent place to visit and have a touch with history.

Once upon a Love Story…

The historical summary of the covered bridge specifies that local girls were cultured to be suspicious, especially at times their horses’ escorts always stopped at the bridge, even when not commanded by the heads. This is among the reasons why it was named the Kissing Bridge. Since 1998, the Regional Municipality of Waterloo has preserved and maintained the protected bridge. To construct the bridge, the structure was rated over $3,197.50. The bridge’s primary plan is described as a two-span hybrid Howe truss, a hybrid queen spot. It is essential to note that the bridge is primarily made of timber, with its heaviness reinforced by piles deep sunk into the river bed. During an erection, it was projected that the bridge’s life would be between 70-80 years, but it could be considerably increased with subsequent restorations as time goes by. The restoration added some concrete and steel to reinforce the aged erection. However, its visibility remains true to the initial plan.

Another POV of West Montrose Covered Bridge during the gorgeous winter wonderland season.
West Montrose Covered Bridge during the winter – Image Source: https://landscapephotographymagazine.com/22/02/2022/the-kissing-bridge-westmontrose-ontario-canada/


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