Dundurn castle photographed in the summertime from a side angle, with a nice reflection of the sun grazing off the front of the castle. The castle is mainly white in color, with the front pillars being more beige.
Dundurn Castle photographed by Rick Cordeiro.

Dundurn Castle is a historical mansion located in Hamilton, Ontario. This mansion was originally built by a man named Sir Allan Napier MacNab in the 1830’s. He was a well known politician who lived in this mansion for a while, residing with his family. The building of this castle took 3 years, designed by a well renowned architect named Robert Charles Wetherell. The house was mainly built with limestone, and was extremely breathtaking for its time.

The main history here is behind the man himself Sir Allan. He was an extremely wealthy politician, who had major influence at the time since he was the premier of the Province of Canada from years 1854-1856. He had a wife, along with a whopping 11 children. Aside from being premier, he was also a businessman, lawyer, and also was in the military for some time. The castle ended up having many different significant uses throughout history, as it was at one point a military hospital for soldiers during the Civil War. There were also many meetings held here with government officials, including a meeting involving the Canada Temperance Act League, which was surrounding the topic of the prohibition. In the 1960’s, Dundurn was bought by the City of Hamilton and is now a public museum and historic site.

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