One man can Change the World

The Terry Fox National Historic Person monument is an enduring icon with the qualities of a man and his Marathon of Hope. Since its inception in 2008, the icon has captivated the entire country, reasoning deeply with Canadians. The monument is located on the outskirts of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. Terry Fox’s purpose was to engage in a ‘Marathon of Hope’ to create awareness of cancer and raise funds to facilitate research about the disease. Since the establishment of the monument, millions of tourists from across the world have toured the memorial, and in honour of Terry, funds they raise will be used to help in the treatment of cancer patients.

A Canadian Legend

While in remission from cancer, Terry Fox resolved to run across the country to raise money that would facilitate cancer research. He had earlier lost his right leg to cancer, but he was determined to run 5,373 kilometres, almost a marathon race, for 143 consecutive days before he was forced to quit the race when his cancer returned. It is essential to acknowledge that the ‘Marathon of Hope’ started in St. John’s on 12th April 1980. Soon it had captivated all Canadians with daring humanitarianism, which had transformed the vocabulary of individual courage, thus revolutionizing fundraising. Since that day, hundreds of millions of dollars have been raised through Terry and in respect of his name to benefit the ever-increasing cancer patients worldwide. Terry’s heroic nature and tragic interruption of ‘Marathon of Hope’ made him an enduring icon in Ontario and the entire country.

A beautiful photograph with the sunlight hitting directly on the Terry Fox Memorial in the breezy Canadian winters.
Another stunning angle of the Terry Fox Memorial during Winter Wonderland – Image Source:


Parks Canada Agency, Government of Canada. “Terry Fox — National Historic Person – Terry Fox National Historic Person (1958-1981).”, March 8, 2022.

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