Enoch Turner schoolhouse was a school built in 1848 and later on turned into a museum later on as it was put out of use. It is a historic site as it is one of the oldest schools built in Canada and it is also the oldest school standing in the city. It was known as Ward School at the time of functioning. Originally this school was just a single room school established by Enoch Turner, a wealthy man who was ambitious to think about the poor children of his surrounding neighbourhood. Cork town is the place where it is situated and it got its name from the original place of the immigrant county Cork.

Turner funded the construction of the school and also donated the land for good cause and Turner even paid a fee for three years and the first years of school had less than 300 students and it is said to be the first free school in Toronto. The funds for this school came in after the legislative assembly passed an act and taxes were collected accordingly and later on constructed and functioned.

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