The Gibraltar point lighthouse is a lighthouse from the early 1800s which is located on the Toronto islands in Toronto. It is the oldest lighthouse which exists in today’s date on Lake Ontario and surrounding lakes and it is also one of the oldest buildings in Toronto. This lighthouse has a story connected to it of a murder of its keeper named John Paul Radelmuller who is said to have been murdered in 1815 and later on a fear factor added a ghost story to its legacy.

This lighthouse’s construction began in 1808 after it was ordered by the legislative assembly. This lighthouse was made up of stone and limestone. The lighthouse was accompanied by a cottage in which the keeper of the lighthouse must have lived. The cottage was a squared log house with two stories, had two rooms on the first floor and sleeping space in the attic above, unfortunately the cottage exists no more.

 The light of the tower was a glass cage illuminated with the help of candles and switched source of its illumination from time to time from candles in the beginnings to electric lights later on.

This is today’s photo of the lighthouse.

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