A piece of history that I would like to talk about is the Old Post Office Clock that is in my home town, in Downtown Milton.

The building was built in the year 1914 and was built for around $21,000 and used to be a Post Office. Currently, the building is still standing and even though it doesn’t act as a Post Office anymore, the building has been renovated and turned into a restaurant which is named, Splice and before that, was previously a restaurant that was called Pretty Rad. Not only that, but the clock has also been well maintained which still allows it to work. The clock has been running for over 100 years, which has been reported to first be started on August 15th, 1915 by a local jeweler, Emile Marchand.

Other facts about this building is that Milton was a small town when it was built, with the population being 2,053 people, and a man named Robert Stewart was the first postmaster not just in this particular building, but also for Milton. This was the main hub for people to receive and post their mail in Milton until a letter carrier service came in the year 1967.

Photograph by: Maple Tree Publishing



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