Photo by Mike Miller

Hello! The building that I would like to discuss is the Stonehouse of Campbellville. It is very close to where I used to work and I would always drive past it when I would go to clock in for my shift. Not only is it visually stunning, but it is also bursting at the seams with history!! The fact that it is currently an antique store it is very fitting for this old, pretty building.

Upon doing some research about the house, I have learned that it was originally built in the year 1885 by the family the Easterbrooks, where they cleared the area and actually constructed the stone home. The Easterbrooks had that home for almost a century before it was purchased by Jim and Dorothy Singleton in the year 1974. However, unfortunately, around the time they took ownership, that’s when it started to fall apart. There wasn’t any insulation, which made winters tough, the roof began to leak, and it took Jim apparently two years to make the house liveable again.

In the year 1979, the Singleton’s put a 30 foot addition onto the house so that they can accommodate their son, Paul, and his new family.

Now, as mentioned earlier, it is a beautiful historical home that has been transformed into a beautiful antique shop!


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