Refashion (Mrs. Pipkin), oil on wood panel, 2022 currently on display at Spadina House under the Free Art Exhibition.

The historical exhibit that should be of public interest in regard to history and furthering education on certain topics is the Free Art Exhibition which is being held at the Spadina Museum in Toronto, Ontario. The Spadina House is used to illustrate the evolution of different styles from mid- Victorian era to the 1930s and includes many different artifacts and exhibits that should be of public interest. The free art exhibition is inserted by the efforts of Black abolitionists and shows the oil painting on a panel of Mrs. Pipkin who was a formerly enslaved freedom seeker who worked within the Spadina House, and then created a safe haven for those seeking freedom through the underground railroad.

This exhibit is an important piece of art that shows and explains the history of what occurred throughout history and the amazing advocates who fought for the rights and freedoms of discriminated people. This exhibit is allowing for those who did not have a voice in their time to have the respect and admiration deserved for the rights that they fought for, such as Mrs. Pipkin creating the safe haven for those seeking freedom. The Spadina house is a piece of Toronto’s history that is extremely important to understanding the discrimination that has occurred throughout Toronto and Canada in itself, as well the free art exhibition is allowing for members of the public and general community an opportunity to learn more about the history of Black artists and Black Canadians in general.

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