Constructed at the beginning of the 1900s the St. Thomas armoury stands today at the corner of Chester street and Wilson street in the city of St. Thomas. This building though currently closed houses part of the 31st combat engineer regiment, also known as the Elgin’s, this unit is housed in both Waterloo and St. Thomas. The Elgin’s can be traced as far back as 1866 though back then it was known as the 25th battalion and have been involved in all Canadian involved conflicts since their establishment.

St. Thomas armoury as it stands in modern day

In 1992 the armoury was officially recognized by the Canadian government as a Canadian heritage site. The armoury is recognized as a heritage site for a couple of reasons. The first reason is for its architectural design, located toward the west end of St. Thomas the armoury stands out among the houses and arena that are around it. The building sports a unique construction with a fairly plain and normal red brick building but also sports two turrets around the back of the building that give it a distinct and unique look. The other reason this building is recognized is of course because of its historic relevance, though not nearly as used as it once was when St. Thomas was a larger part of the Canadian landscape the building functioned well and was an important part of Canadas involvement in any armed conflicts it has entered. Anyone who has lived in St. Thomas will know of the armoury and where it stands making it an important landmark for the city

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